What Do Nonprofit Boards Do?

The first questions nonprofit founders often ask are, “Why do I need a board of directors? What does a board do?” In fact, the nonprofit board of directors is a critical element in the success of a new—or any—nonprofit organization.

The next session of the Legal Center for Nonprofits’ Nonprofit Start-up Series, on Tuesday, October 28 at 6:00 pm, will provide an overview of what nonprofit boards of directors do, the key role the board plays in the nonprofit organization as it oversees the nonprofit’s programs and activities, and the board’s fiduciary duties to the nonprofit. We will also consider what happens if boards fail to carry out these duties and responsibilities. Call (508) 264-5996 or email Linnea@LegalCenterforNonprofits.org for more information or to register. The admission fee is $10 per person.

This is the third session in the Nonprofit Start-up Series. Future sessions will consider tax-exempt status—what it means and how to get it. Start-up Series sessions are presented bi-weekly on Tuesdays; future sessions will be held on November 18, and December 2. All series sessions are at 6:00 pm at the Legal Center for Nonprofits office inside the Inter-Church Council house, 412 County Street, New Bedford, MA.  Admission fees apply unless otherwise indicated.

The Legal Center for Nonprofits, Inc., is a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation with a mission to provide educational programming for the nonprofit community. Visit www.LegalCenterforNonprofits.org for more information about our programs.

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