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Learn About Incorporation & Bylaws!

Incorporation is often the first concrete step on the path to creating a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. But is it the right step for your organization? Do you even need to incorporate? Can you...

Changed Dates for Start-up Series!

The Nonprofit Start-up Series will get underway on Tuesday, September 30!  Please note that we're returning on Tuesday nights!  This schedule change has been necessitated by a scheduling conflict.

Robert’s Rules Not Needed

From time to time when working through bylaws with a client, someone will say, “Shouldn’t we put something in about Robert’s Rules? Don’t we need to use them?”  To which I will usually...

More snow! Program cancelled!

Since we are under a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow evening into Wednesday, and the snow is expected to start some time between 4:00 and 8:00 pm, our program for tomorrow evening (3/25), "Is it a...