Duties of a Nonprofit Treasurer

Subject to the direction of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall:

  1. oversee all financial matters of the Corporation;
  2. ensure that the employees and other agents of the Corporation cause to be kept accurate and transparent financial
    • books of accounts,
    • accounting records and procedures,
    • funds,
    • securities, and
    • valuable documents of the Corporation. 
  3. oversee the timely and accurate preparation of all financial and/or tax reports and filings required by
    • the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
    • the Internal Revenue Service and
    • other governmental agencies. 
  4. cause regular audits of the Corporation’s financial records to be made;
  5. disburse the Corporation’s funds in accordance with approved policies and practices and as may be ordered by the Board of Directors from time to time; and
  6. not less frequently than once each fiscal year provide a report to the Board of Directors of the financial condition and performance of the Corporation, and
  7. perform such other duties and powers as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

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